2022 Roundup - 10 of the Most Amazing Met Gala Moments This Year

2022 Roundup - 10 of the Most Amazing Met Gala Moments This Year

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has only upped the fashion game with every passing year. And 2022 was not an exception! What started as a way to exhibit native art is now a world-wide day-of-drool for any fashionista!中中 And there's just one question on everyone's mind! Who wore the best outfit at the MEt Gala this year? This yearthe exhibition was themed"In America: An Anthology of Fashion" and was celebrated at the annual Costume Institute Benefit (a.k.athe Met Gala!).

Here's our roundup of the most precious red carpet moments from the 2022 Met Gala, themed Gilded Glamour

10. Elon Musk does Elon Musk

The richest man in the world was his mom's +1 to the gala.

9. All Follow Lizzo the Pied Piper in Thom Browne

Hair, Makeup, Nails - Yes! That long corset - Hell Yess!

8. Natasha drapes the gild in Sabyasachi& Schiaparelli..

7. A proposal on the Red Carpet - Now that's Bedazzling! 弘

6. Cardi B demonstrates galmour to you in Versace 扔

5. Blake Lively Transforms in Versace

4. Alicia Keys Wraps NY in Ralph Lauren

3. Cara Delevingne dipped in Gold!

2. Kim in Marilyn Monroes

1. Oscar & Elvira destroy standards!

These were our favourites! But the night shined and sparkled with stars known and unknown.. May the force be with the Met and may they serve us looks for an eternity!兩兩 Comment and tell us which one's your favourtite! Or if you think we've missed out on a moment that deserved to be featured!

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