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So Raksha Bandhan is a few days away and the quest for the perfect Rakhi gift for your sister is on full swing? This year, why not surprise her with something that celebrates her uniqueness and shows her that you really thought this through? We've curated a list of six fabulous gifts that are sure to make her smile brighter and her heart warmer!!

  1. Rakhi Gift Hampers: A curation of the Best for the Best! Rakhi gift hampers are like treasure chests, filled with a medley of delights. From delectable chocolates to personalized trinkets, these hampers are a delightful way to convey your love. You can customize them with her favorite treats, makeup or skincare essentials, and small tokens that remind her of your shared memories. Here's a link to our favourite Rakhi Hamper this season: The Rakhi Hamper by Novavii It’s obviously all things makeup! Duh!
  2. A Tinted Balmie: If your sister has chapped lips/ just loves balms, a tinted lip balm would mean so much to her and you can be sure it’ll be put to good use. A fusion of lip balm and subtle tint, it's perfect for those effortless days when she wants a touch of color without going all out, while keeping her lips nourished! She’ll have no clue you actually noticed and every time she puts the balm on she’ll remember it comes wrapped with your concern! Here's a link to our favourite Tinted Lip Balms with SPF30: Tinted Dew Balmies
  3. A Glitter Eyeshadow: If your sister loves to dazzle and shine, a pot of glitter eyeshadows will be her best friend. From subtle glimmers to bold shimmers, this gift will remind her of how you cherish her sparkly nature. Go on! Be your sister’s best cheerleader! Here's a link to our favourite toxin-free Glitter Eyeshadows: Starglaze Eyeshadows 
  4. An Eyelash Curler: If she’s all about sass, a snazzy eyelash curler will get her swooning with joy! This simple yet effective tool instantly opens up the eyes, making them look larger and more alluring. It's a thoughtful addition to her beauty routine that she'll appreciate every time she curls those lashes. Here's a link to our favourite Eyelash Curlers in Unique Colors: Origin/ Obsidian/ Cosmos 
  5. Colored Eyeliners: Gift her a set of colored eyeliners if she's all about that playful energy! Whether she's going for a classic winged look or experimenting with new styles, these eyeliners will give her eyes a captivating and vibrant edge. Fill her vanity with color and she will never have a dull day! That’s all you want for her don’t you! Here's a link to our favourite popping  Colored Eyeliners: Bright Eyed Eyeliners
  6. Makeup Remover Towel: After a day of looking stunning, she’s got to make sure her skin is clean and healthy. A makeup remover towel makes cleansing a breeze, ensuring that her skin stays healthy and glowing, without the harm of chemicals. It's a small but impactful gift that shows you care about her well-being and respect her views on sustainability. Here's a link to our favourite Makeup Remover: Chemical-free Reusable Makeup Remover

This Raksha Bandhan, go beyond the ordinary and gift your sister the goodness of toxin-free beauty! From the thoughtful gesture of a rakhi gift hamper to the playfulness of colored eyeliners, each of these will remind her of your beautiful relationship. As you celebrate the festival of love and protection, let your gift be something your sis will truly celebrate everyday! 🥰🥰

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