Simple Eyeliner Tips for You to Try in 2022 👈

Simple Eyeliner Tips for You to Try in 2022 👈

Why do you need this? Well, the daunting eyeliner draws all the attention to your eyes and perfects your entire makeup look, making it every makeup user’s first love and a staple in every glam makeup routine. Can you think of an iconic look that doesn’t make use of eyeliner? Ya.. Didn't think so! 😎😎 A killer eyeliner look can absolutely lift and highlight your natural features, but an eyeliner job done bad can be a fashionista nightmare!.. 😖

Every makeup user has faced the same situation before - running late for an event, struggling to perfect the winged eyeliner look & eventually ruining their makeup. Guess what!! With Novavii’s short and crisp blog filled with tips and hacks, we scoured tiktok, instagram etc., you needn't worry! Add these tips to your arsenal & you'll never have a bad eyeliner day. Our easy-peasy steps that can be included in your makeup routine will soon make you a master at eyeliner application. 💝💝


Part 1 - Mastering the winged eyeliner look using household object

Finally! Hacks that make use of items that most of us will have at home.

Business or credit cards : Use the edge of a card to get the perfect flick by tracing the eyeliner in an outward direction. Easy Peasy!
Novavii Blog-Simple Eyeliner tips-Use a Business Card
Fork : We didn't believe it either but forks can help create the most glamorous eyeliner look. Place the end of a clean fork in an angled direction on the outer corner of your eye, using the prong to guide your hand as you trace the eyeliner in an outward direction. Voila!
Novavii Blog-Simple Eyeliner tips-Use A Fork
Floss : Coat a piece of floss in liquid eyeliner (hyperlink novavii) and press it down on the skin in a diagonal path. Do the same on the eyelid, connecting the two ends to create a triangular space. Fill in the space with your eyeliner of choice.
Novavii Blog-Simple Eyeliner tips-Use Floss
Toothpicks : Toothpicks also really help in creating a flawless winged look. Cover part of the toothpick with liquid eyeliner and press it along the outer corners of your eyes.
Novavii Blog-Simple Eyeliner tips-Use a Toothpick
Bobby pins : Grab a bobby pin, coat the end with the balls in your favourite eyeliner, preferably liquid and press it onto the outer part of your eyes and then simply fill in the small space with the rest of your eyeliner. So. Easy.
Novavii Blog-Simple Eyeliner tips-Use a Bobby pin

    Part 2 - Eyeliner Application Tips 

    Part 2 - Eyeliner Application Tips

    Tip 1 - Dotting Method 

    Draw small dots on the top of your lash line with a pencil liner/kajal. Join them slowly with liquid eyeliner, which makes it seem like one seamless stroke of eyeliner. Make sure you join them properly so there’s no trace of the dots.

    Novavii Blog-Simple Eyeliner tips-Dot and Join

    Tip 2 - Sharpening with Foundation

    Getting the perfect line the first time is quite hard, so we got a hack that will make your life easier. First, draw a rough line then sharpen the line with a fine tip brush dipped in your foundation. This could also help highlight those sharp wings! 🥵

    Novavii Blog-Simple Eyeliner tips-Use Foundation to Sharpen
    Bonus tip - You can also use a cotton bud dipped in a little micellar water, which acts as a DIY liquid eraser. We not a huge fan of this tip but it could be a rare solution to all of your crooked cat eye problems.

    Tip 3 - Pencil, then Liquid

    Using an eye-pencil/kajal specifically made for the waterline helps reduce those makeup disaster we all hate - Racoon eyes. First, use a kajal to define the look you want to create. Then go ahead and fill it in with liquid eyeliner to achieve your desired look! There you go - Your glamorous look has been achieved without the stress that makes you want to rip your hair off! 😫 Caveat though - this may not work for think lines & intricate designs. But definitely a go for a bold look!

    Novavii Blog-Simple Eyeliner tips-Kajal before Liner

    Tip 4 - Shaky Hands? We got you!

    Don't worry! This 4-step procedure will prevent a number of jerky mess-ups.

    Novavii Blog-Simple Eyeliner tips-Manage Shaky Hands

      1. Sit down 
      2. Place your elbow on a flat surface 
      3. Rest your pinky on your cheek - This helps stabilize your face. 
      4. Clench your toes - Trust us, we were sceptical at first but it works. This hack is used by a large number of makeup artists too! 🤌
      5. Bonus Tip: A dab of primer/concealer can work wonders for fixing smudges. 👈👈

    Part 3 - Eyeliner Alternatives 

    So we thought we'll up it a notch and give you some awesome tips to keep your fashion game lit with some DIYs✌

    Hack 1 - Custom eyeliner 
    You can create your own custom eyeliner with a damp liner brush and eyeshadow. The dampness darkens the pigments and the liner brush helps in creating a sharp look that looks like an eyeliner. 😘 You're welcome!
    Hack 2 - Crumbly Eyeliner?No worries
    Freeze your eyeliner for 10 minutes before using it, freezing it helps regain its shape.
    Hack 3 - From mascara to eyeliner  
    If you don't have any eyeliner, use some of the product on the mascara wand to line your eye.
    Know someone who could do with some eyeliner hacks? Help them find us. Tell them to check us out and spread some makeup love. 🥰 

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