10 Unique Must-try Makeup Accessories on Amazon India - 2022 🤩🤩

10 Unique Must-try Makeup Accessories on Amazon India - 2022 🤩🤩

Mastering makeup is hard, but thanks to some creative minds and deft gadgets (ranging from sponges to brushes) achieving that flawless look has become a whole lot easier today. Thankfully, today these accessories are available to everyone, not just makeup artists. We at Novavii have scoured the amazon marketplace to curate a list of affordable and trending beauty accessories to help make every makeup nerd's life easier! 😇😇

We hope we help you find the best tools for you that can help simplify your makeup routine and fulfil your specific needs. We've tried to keep the selection criteria simple : High Quality + Good Reviews + Affordable + Sustainable. We recommend checking further details before you make a purchase. Read on for our top picks. 

#1 Beauty Blenders 

Free Beauty Blenders in Various Shapes and Colors Stock Photo

One of the most important tools anyone can include in their routine is a beauty blender, because of its multiple uses - ranging from blending foundations to cream blushes. All it takes to use it is to water activate it! We’re not done yet - since it’s reusable, you will definitely get your money’s worth. 

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#2 Eyelash curler 

Free A Woman Using Eyelash Curler Stock Photo

This OG makeup tool is a MUST have item in every person’s makeup bag according to us. These beauties are known for giving instant results - such as an illusion of bigger, brighter eyes even without the application of mascara! The functionality of the curler get your lashes to look more lifted and curled. 

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#3 Chemical-Free Makeup Remover

As much as achieving a flawless look is super important, removing makeup should be too. We tried out several different ways to remove makeup effectively and here’s our verdict - Novavii’s Moon polish (hyperlink) (reusable makeup removal cloth) + Micellar water. Unlike harsh makeup wipes, this combo has only pros. The micellar water helps the skin clear by unlocking pores and the moon polish is a gentle, reusable and sustainable alternative to makeup wipes. Get your hand on this combo ASAP! 

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#4 Facial razor 

Aid for women: How to shave your face for glass skin - Times of India

Picture this - You have smooth and glowing skin, your makeup products effortlessly glide and blend through your skin. All of this can be achieved by an effective at-home hair removal method using the one and only - the trending facial razor. Get a hold of this affordable solution ASAP and say goodbye to your annoying peach fuzz!

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#5 Eyeliner Stencils

Quick Eyeliner Eyeshadow Stencils – Bowide

We found this product to be the most interesting - Imagine avoiding those cateye smudge disasters al for under rupees 220 only! This simple stencil helps you achieve the desired winged eyeliner look…

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#6 Makeup mirror 

Free Woman Touching her Face while Looking at the Makeup Mirror Stock Photo

Quite obvious, but no makeup look can be achieved without a mirror. This affordable rectangular miniso mirror can help you achieve flawless beauty with their portable vanity mirror - which also makes it the the perfect gift for every makeup lover.

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#7  Facial Massager Jade Roller / Gua Sha Tool

Free Set of quartz face massagers with waffle tower on pink plaid Stock Photo

The most dynamic on our list, the gua sha is a traditional Chinese method that involves gently scraping the skin in order to boost circulation. This one tool is the answer to a lot of problems you might face - puffiness,wrinkles and fine lines, muscular tension, sagging, serums not penetrating your skin well and so much more. With a bit of patience (while using) and research, your skin is sure to glow and get this - your jawline will be so snatched that you neednt use your bronzer anymore! 

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#8 Makeup organizer 

All of us have faced this situation before - hurrying up for school/work, makeup products all over the place, unable to find the exact product you need. Don’t worry though, here’s a simple solution - Makeup organizers. These make perfect products to gift/buy for makeup lovers as they save a whole lot of time during your busy mornings.

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#9 Eyeshadow Shields

Buy Metreno® Eyeshadow Shields Under Eye Patches Disposable Eyelash  Extensions Pads and Eye Tips Sticker Make Up Tools (20 Pcs) Online at Low  Prices in India - Amazon.in

No more racoon eyes! yes, you heard us right. This product does it all - saves time, protects the under eye area from eyeshadow residue, helps create a straight line for shadow, aids in creating the perfect winged eyeliner and so much more! Get your pack of eyeshadow shields and say goodbye to makeup disasters! 

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#10 Brush kits 

Free Make-up Brush Set Stock Photo

Last but definitely not the least, a decent brush kit is a MUST have in every makeup lover’s routine. Brushes are basically the bread and butter of makeup, and even highly skilled makeup artists can’t achieve flawless looks with no brushes/brushes of bad quality. Luckily, high performing brushes can also be super affordable! So we suggest going for a basic brush kit at first, and slowly levelling up on the quality based on the specific needs of your routine.

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That's a few must-haves for any makeup beginer/pro alike! Di we miss something? Tell us in the comments.. And if you enjoyed this curation.. don't forget to say hello to us on insta! We're all about Clean Makeup and how to have fun with it! ✨✨

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